Wedding Day Playlist: Our First Dance Favorites

June 15th, 2016 | Stephanie Dore

Caution: big decisions ahead. Maybe you’re someone who has known your first dance song for years. Maybe you’ve put it on and done a turn around the house. And maybe it’s absolutely perfect, striking just the right balance between personal and applause-worthy. But if you’re still stumped, and need a little nudge in the right direction, we’re here to help.

To help break you out of the song-selection rut, we’ve put together a bunch of our favorites. Find everything from the uber-classic “At Last,” by soul queen Etta James (if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it), to The National’s “Lucky You,” with its sweet alt-rock melody, and plenty of options in between. We made sure to include a couple of country jams, some vintage R&B, and the perfect 80’s anthems, because we know everyone has a type.

So what will it be? Perhaps the romantic surf-rock gem of Bleachers’ “Wake Me” that professes “right from the start I knew/you’d set a fire in me,” to an awe-inspiring love? But then there’s Bobby Darin’s jaunty “Beyond the Sea” that makes us want to pull a Fred and Ginger routine out of our hats.

Maybe it’s the modern blues-rock of Alabama Shakes and their soul-stirring “I Found You?” You might find yourself surprised at which songs strike the perfect chord. If it brings both a smile to your face and a tear to your eye, you’ve hit the nail on the head.

We suggest putting the list on shuffle (pun intended) and grabbing your dancing shoes (we know you’re hiding them somewhere), to try our favorites on for size.


June 15th, 2016
Stephanie Dore